Change your Mind, Change your Life

I have been known to do things a little differently. People tell me I'm a unique individual. Aptitude tests tell me I'm a Trendsetter. I have learned to accept these all as compliments.


Once ranked 5th in Canada for Triple Jump, winning meets and setting records across North America as a Varsity Track Athlete at the University level. In 2001 injuries sidelined Devon from competing professionally at the Olympic level. 

Devon pursued and earned her Personal Trainer Specialist Certification in 2002 to remain involved in athletics. She has continued to study and grow her knowledge, expanding into manual therapy to take her clients to levels they never knew they could reach.

From patient to therapist, Devon has always been intrigued with how we can keep the body functioning at it's most optimal level. Working with athlete's, regular exercises, and clients in recovery and rehabilitation

Devon see’s health and wellness as a form of therapy. She uses her fitness knowledge along with her Sociology degree and extensive knowledge of how the body moves, to not only help individuals get fit and de-stress, but to communicate with them the "why" of what they are doing. 

  • Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)

  • Thai Massage Practitioner

  • Boot Camp Instructor

  • Honours degree in Sociology & Communications

  • 5 years as a competitive Varsity athlete

  • Herbalife Wellness Coach

  • Competitor on Canada's Smartest Person Season 3, Episode 4.

  • 12 years Motivational Speaking internationally

There is a process to the Mind, Body and Soul connection. You have to believe in what you’re doing and get past your mental barriers to achieve success.

Are you up for the challenge?