Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING 1-ON-1: $65-95/ Session

PARTNER GROUP TRAINING, 2 People: $95 - $120/Session

Work directly with Devon in your home or condo gym to reach your goals. We focus on your progress, instead of your numbers. Increase your energy, your endurance and your strength while being encouraged with positive feedback. 


• DMDJ FIT Circuit Training
• High Intensity Interval Training {HIIT}
• Pilates
• Weighted endurance
• Metabolic Conditioning

Small Group Training

•Keep each other accountable
• You and your crew choose the schedule
• Your Trainer comes to you
• Pool your resources
• Spend productive time with your friends/loved ones

SMALL GROUP TRAINING, 3 -5 People: $108 - $150/Session

Organize your friends, family or co-workers to create your own training group. Just like a bootcamp or group exercise class, but you get to choose who you workout with and when your sessions happen. 

Corporate Bootcamp

•Team Building
• Boost Employee Morale
• Trainer comes to you
• Employee retention
• Reduce stress  
• Increase Productivity
• Cut healthcare costs
• Increase Brain Power
• Better sleep

CORPORATE BOOTCAMP, 10 - 20 Employees: 

A recent studies show by investing in health care programs, companies can increase the employee attendance by 89 percent, along with an increase in productivity. Workouts help produce certain chemicals that are required by the brain to perform certain functions such as memory, multi-tasking and problem solving.

Regular exercise keeps employees more energetic, motivated and happy when they are at work. Employees with enhanced energy, improve brain function and more sleep leads towards a better overall performance. 


Why DMDJ Wellness?

What does "Fit" actually look like? The fittest of minds and bodies, don't always look the most ripped. Devon believes in working towards Being Better as a whole. Getting stronger mentally as well as physically while you lean out, learn about your body and improve your overall fitness level.

We focus on positive encouraging training. Trying new workouts that challenge your muscles, coordination and confidence so that to you grow into more then you ever imagined.

Think development! Think big!

We come to you! Whether it's your condo gym, office gym or your local park. We can get you fit, wherever makes sense for you!


I understand that if I cannot provide 24 hours notice of cancellation, that I will be responsible for the full session fee. In the event of lateness, my trainer will wait a period of 15 minutes. After this grace period, the trainer will treat the appointment as a no-show. Session duration may be reduced given lateness.