Be Better


Emily G., 27 New to Exercise

I chose to work with Devon mainly because my friend was already working with her and said she was not only a great trainer, but a great person. Once I met Devon, I knew she was right and also that I had found the right person to get me active again.

I do most of my work sitting and I was beginning to notice the toll that it was taking on me physically (I was getting winded on the stairs and I only live on the fourth floor!). So my initial goals were to increase my overall health and stability. And while I still feel I have a ways to go in terms of making up for the time I've spent being inactive, I do feel much more energized and less tired, which I think is a step in the right direction!

What's really great about Devon, and why she really stands out from other trainers, is that she is consistently welcoming and fun to be around. While she knows when to get serious (i.e. when you're doing a challenging circuit), she has a very positive overall vibe and it's very infectious. It makes a big difference when you're a generally anxious person, especially when it comes to physical activity and hand-eye coordination.

I would absolutely recommend Devon to others for Personal Training & Wellness Coaching. She is an absolute joy to work with, while still managing to challenge you and make you want to work harder on becoming a better you. If more trainers were like her, I'd have started working out regularly sooner!

R. Shah, 31 Tennis Player

I was referred to Devon when I told my friend I wanted to get strong while training for tennis relieve back/neck/tennis elbow pain discovered my core is weak, ,but not anymore! I love how positive Devon is and how much she knows her stuff. I love how committed she is to making sure I get a good workout. 

New Mom, Early 30s

I appreciate Devon's upbeat energy and positive, encouraging approach to getting through the workout. From the beginning, I appreciated her noticing my areas of strength, as well as acknowledging areas I could improve in without judgment.  That reminded me that despite the difficult postpartum recovery I had and how depleted I felt on a mental and physical level, I also gained strength in some ways. While working out, I also like being able to see the different levels of an exercise, and I feel encouraged when I can get to the next level. In addition to all of this, I liked the location and being able to park for free.

Sharon W., 64

“I appreciated that Devon paid attention to my needs with respect to my level of fitness, my age, etc. Devon is a good listener and responded more than appropriately.”