Why I am not here for your "Summa body"!

Point blank, your body and your workout regimen shouldn't be seasonal. Hustling till last minute to try to get in shape for summer quite frankly, is beneath you! I know you have it in you, you just have to change your mind.

I actually workout more and harder in the winter months because of the cold my body wants to hold on to the fat in a natural response to keep me warm.

Your body is much smarter then you give it credit for. As the weather heats up then your body is willing to let go of that excess fat because it doesn't need it.

We are also, usually more active in the summer. So we are burning more calories doing everyday things. 

Yesterday I walked up Yonge Street from Dundas to Bloor (That's 3 subway stops for the non-Toronto folks) just because I had the time and it was nice outside. 

So if you spent the winter/colder months working and maintaining your body then in the summer you can actually take it easier and still maintain your results, if not improve on them.

As I let you know in my last post, Fitness is not my main business. I don't train for the money. I train because I love helping people reach their goals. 

I've been sharing a lot more with you, which is a part of my momentum plan for myself. Here it is, if you missed the last post Devon's Momentum Plan.

I received a lot of amazing feedback and want to continue to share and inspire you. I'm always going to keep inviting you out to my bootcamps and group training sessions because I really do love doing them and I want you to share in the joy that I and those that come to them get from them. 

But I also want to make sure that even if you don't make it out to bootcamp, that you are still working and growing, So I'm going to keep sharing to help motivate you to do more than the minimum. So that you forget your Summa Body.

I want you to change your mind and re-focus your energies on getting that "All Season body".

When I first lost the weight everyone was behind me, so encouraging and complimentary, but now that I have maintained it, where is everyone? lol The encouragement isn't gone but it has slowed down. Do you think I don't need it anymore? 

I'm going to tell you that I do. I need it and so do all the trainers and 'all season exercisers", because it's not easy maintain.

I know we make it look easy by mostly posting the positive, but we all have "weeks" or "days" of even "months"! I have times when I pout and have a mini temper tantrum which I call "I don't wanna!" moments, when it comes to working out.

Every day last week I had to talk myself through a workout so I wouldn't stop and take a nap instead. I compromised and did shorter workouts. I did HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts because they are intense but they are short. My mood couldn't handle an 1 hour workout last week, so I did 30 minute workouts. Some days I felt so good after the finishing that I did another one, so I ended up getting that hour in.

The best days are when I exceed my own expectations!

My point is, let yourself grow. In order to do that, you have to keep the promises you make to yourself. Create your own momentum plan and don't let anything or anyone deter you from it. 

Even if you have kids and a partner, they shouldn't be your excuse, they should be your motivation.

I'm assuming they love you. In their love, they will support you. Your kids will see what you're doing and latch on to it. I've had clients who had to bring their kids to a session, or I had to go to their house and their kids are there. 

The kids either join in or they go about their business, but they internalize your effort and your self-care. Too often we feel that our job is to sacrifice ourselves for our loved ones. But what are you going to do when you've sacrificed yourself so much that you have no more to give?

Your kids and your partner will respect your efforts and your progress. Make it a family thing so that everyone gets involved. Couples that train together grow together.

In the end, when you take care of your self, it makes you better and those around you get the best of you. You are worth the effort. 

See you and your seasonal body at bootcamp!

In Motivation and Purpose,

Devon M. D. Jones