Free Up Yourself!

I like to consider myself a Jones of all Trades ( get it? I used my last name in place of Jack LOL). When I was younger I didn’t think I needed to master anything because of this. Mostly because I was afraid I couldn’t actually master anything. So I held on to the title of multi-tasker extraordinaire!

One of the great things about being a personal trainer, is that in order to maintain my certification as a trainer I have to complete a certain number of Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) every year. As much as I love learning I don’t always make the time for it. This actually forces me to make time.

I try to do these courses earlier in the year so that I am not left scrambling and I can choose the most interesting courses, conferences and/or Certifications for me.

This year I choose Thai Yoga Stretching. As I age, I have become more fascinated with the human body and all it can do!

After doing my Joga certification, my mind had already opened up so much to how we can balance all the things we think are unfixable. And Thai yoga stretching took that to another level.

All the fixing my body was great it was very zen. But it wasn’t enough, I needed run jump and PUNCH something. So I took a boxing class! Taking this class didn’t count towards my CEC’s but it was exactly what I needed.

When I do the CEC’s I’m there as a fitness professional, and I’m learning to teach others. At boxing, I’m just a student soaking it all in, and I loved it!

I went to Iron Lion Boxing gym and took their Saturday morning Class with coach Steph! It was amazing! I thought I knew how to box! But clearly I needed an expert's help. :-)

Check me out with Co-Owner Steph (Middle) and my partner for the day!


Please know, when I say boxing I mean Real Boxing, there are so many elements involved in order to get it right! From the tip of your toe to the head placement and movement.

I was so impressed with the fact that they taught me how to wrap my hands properly. I had been shown in the past but I had never felt comfortable. I did the whole class and my knuckles didn’t hurt! The only soreness I had was from working so hard through the 1 and half hour class.

Once again I was entranced by what my body could accomplish with the right instruction. Throwing jabs and crosses, shadow boxing and just an overall feeling by the end of the class that I could possibly step in the ring and compete. A feeling I had never felt before.

Overall it was a great experience and a great class, because I opened myself up to it. I had always been afraid to punch the bag because it was painful when my wraps weren’t done up properly. Or to hold the punching pads because I was worried I wasn’t coordinated enough to ‘catch” the punches. But I did all of it and it was empowering.

So I encourage everyone to get up and do something physical. Do something that scares you, even though you know it’s doable. Take a fitness or dance class or learn a new skill!  We spend too much time binge watching tv shows.

Whatever you do just make it a priority. So what if you don’t get a CEC or a prize for doing it. I promise you will come out with something that no one can take away from you. Experience! And you may even pick up a skill or 2!

In Fitness and Motivation,

Devon MD Jones