Normal is Over-rated

Shifting your Norm

I learned I wasn’t normal years ago but I keep getting reminded of it. 

I have been told too many times to count “you are one of the few people, who says ‘I want to do (insert something fun, educational or silly here)’ and actually goes out and does it!” 

Here’s the thing, that’s just my norm. I’m a very logical person. Which is good in some areas in terms of execution, and being able to find the silver lining in most situations, but horrible in terms of relationships and staying focused on one thing. 

But just because something is hard or doesn’t come naturally doesn’t mean that you can’t change it, that you can’t try.

You can make anything YOUR normal! 

This can refer to any and everything but I’m going focus on health and wellness, to stay within my scope of practice. 😝

The Mental Shift

Exercise wasn't always a priority in my life. It was something I did when I had time. But once I changed the relationship I had with exercise, my body changed with it. 🙃

I also had to change my relationship with food. I still struggle with this one. But once we stop seeing food as a reward or a punishment ( I've been known to eat my feelings too, trust me, I understand), then it no longer has any power over us. Eating badly is an addiction as bad as smoking. And just as hard to quit. 

This is why there is an influx of dieticians and naturopaths who specialize in helping us overcome this addiction.

The great news is. It is possible to overcome it!

If you want it bad enough, if you are ready to commit to the change. Then you have to make it a priority. 

I read this meme on Instagram that sums up the mental shift that needs to happen:



You are the Boss of your body. Your body works for you. Once you have that mental shift, no matter how many times you fall off, you will be able to come back to it. 

But you have to want it. You can hire all the trainers, buy all the workout crazes in the world. But if you don't actually believe it, there is nothing anyone else can do to conceive it. 

I'm a great personal trainer, but if my client doesn't show up, cancels constantly, cheats on their eating plan. There is nothing I can tell them, until they are ready to hear it. All I can do is be a support system to remind them why they started, hold them accountable to their goals and push them past their limits. But at the end of the day when THEY decide to "show up" that's when change and progress happens. 

Your relationship with your trainer/dietician is similar to your romantic relationships. You both have to want it for it to work out.

What's It Gonna Take? 😏

Serious question. What is it going to take for you to make that change? For me, I had to hit a really low point in my life. Exercise brought me out of a really dark place, gave me something to focus on... learning to love myself. So I repeat from last months email:

We all have the ability to create, change and adapt (not always in that order). 

When I made my focus health and wellness, I vowed to help people reach that moment of clarity without having to go through what I went through. This is why I write these emails. This is why I do personal training, this is why I keep taking courses to learn and grow so I can keep sharing all that I learn. This is MY Normal.

So I ask again, What is it going to take for you to make that change? How can you make your love for yourself, your body, your health a priority and eventually your normal?

Devon MD Jones