What's up with Resolutions? 🤷🏿‍♀️

Resolutions are a Great thing!

Happy New Year!! I hope you haven't given in to all the negativity surrounding making New Year resolutions. 🙄  The thing that makes them so great, is that they show that you still have hope and you are still trying. 

So what if you didn't follow through last year. Does that mean that you can't try again? All it takes is for you to just follow through ONCE, and it all becomes worth it. 

About 5 years ago now? (Whoa, that sounds crazy). I embarked on this journey of fitness. My reasons were totally selfish. I was going through a hard time and I just wanted to feel better about myself about life and find love.

You all know about the fitness journey and how I have kept on it. Though there are times when I fall off and out some of that weight back on. I just dust myself off and start again. Because that is what we do; We succeed, we fail and we do it all over again. Imagine how boring life would be if we just kept succeeding at everything. That why a lot of celebrities are messed up. 😉

And I do feel better about myself AND I really fell in love... With myself and the people around me. I had to allow it to happen. I had kept myself so closed off that no one could break the barrier. As soon as I started letting people in, it felt so... magical. 

I got teased and chastised for my choices. I still have to endure a lot of my family questioning my moves. But at the same time. I fell in love with my friendships. They say that friends are the family that you choose. And I chose wisely. Surrounded myself with people that support me. Some of those friends are also family. And that's what helps to keep me motivated.

So KEEP making resolutions! Keep on trying until you succeed. And once you've done that, MAKE ANOTHER ONE! Trust me it's a good addiction. 🤗


1. Stop putting so much pressure on myself.
When I sent out the email about my fundraiser I set some crazy goals. Goals that would take all my time and energy and probably leave me sick and tired. So I promised to not stress so much and be more patient. 

2. Hit my Fundraiser goal, of course!
When I first sent out the emails, I got mixed reactions. So I just wanted to make the intention of my fundraiser clear. It's a fundraiser in that funds are given but you get something in return. I am using my skills as a Thai masseuse to provide the service at discounted rate. So just like a car wash fundraiser, when you bring your car to get cleaned and it raises money for that soccer team. This is in that same realm. 

Devon MD Jones