How to Stay Positive when life forces you to Slow Down!

Getting up after a fall!

When I say fall, I mean that literally. My worst fear came to life when after a long beautiful workout, I went to step into the shower and slipped and fell on my head!

No I didn't land upside down 🙃but my head was the first thing to hit, followed by my right shoulder and the rest of me slid down the side of the tub. 

It was terrifying! But it could have been worse! I could have been knocked unconscious and then you'd be reading about how someone finally found me a week later... but let's not get too morbid.

So here's the thing. I fell on Tuesday. Worked from home on Wednesday, and went to work and trained clients AND worked out on Thursday like everything was normal. Why? Cause I'm a maniac...clearly! Friday morning ( sitting at my desk working) suddenly I couldn't read the words on my laptop, I was feeling dizzy and the pain meds I had been taking constantly weren't stopping my headache anymore. So I discreetly told my boss, "I think I'm gonna go to the Dr."

The Diagnosis? I have a concussion and whiplash! So for 2 whole days, I ignored all the symptoms, because I had too much to do 🙄. I actually cried while having a mild panic attack when the Dr. told me I couldn't work or exercise for at least 7 days. Like I said before I'm a maniac 🤖.. But here's what I have learned:

1. I can only guess that the thing that saved my life is my level of fitness. I had just come from working out, my muscles and joints were nice and loose/flexible, and my core is very strong. So when my head hit the side of the tub, my neck was flexible enough to adjust to the impact, so that it didn't hit as hard. (this is the Theory that I'm sticking to...😤 ) Because I still can't believe, I'm conscious and well enough to be writing this to you after the way I fell.

2. Remember my resolution of being easier with myself and allowing myself to slow down? Well I wasn't doing it, and so the universe or God or my body ( whoever you believe in) decided enough was enough and took the reigns from me. I now have no choice but to take it easy (ok maybe just easier...).
I'm not allowed to work for at least 7 day, watch tv, use my smart phone or computer ( as you can see I may need an intervention but I really am trying and doing better) until my symptoms calm down.

3. The mind is amazing. We can convince ourselves of anything. For 2 days I walked around like nothing was wrong and suffered in silence. I need to learn to harness this power for good. ðŸ§

In conclusion! Take care of yourself! If that means exercise more to build your core strength, then do that. If you're not sure how to do that, let me make a plan for you that works with your schedule and your budget.

If that means get a Thai massage from Devon, email me! ðŸ™ƒ

Or it could just mean taking a mental health day and staying home from work ( this is a real thing) then do that. Whatever it is, don't wait till the universe, God, Jehovah, or Allah knocks you on your ass! 

Devon MD Jones